Young Quantity Surveyors (YQS)

The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) sub-committee – YQS, represents AIQS members who are under the age of 35. Each Australian national chapter has a YQS committee and/or representative whose role it is the represent the specific needs and of quantity surveying professionals under 35 and quantity surveying students.

The YQS Mission Is To:  

- Provide a certainty for and support the Quantity Surveying profession for the future
- Promote the interests and opinions of Young QS’s on the AIQS board

Benefits of Being a Young QS in the AIQS

Young Quantity Surveyors who are members of the AIQS are able to access the same benefits of membership as professionals over 35.* As well as YQS specific benefits. These benefits include:
*Exceptions apply for Student Membership

- Professional Recognition
  Be Part of a Globally Recognised Institute

- Education and Learning
  Keep Up to Date with Online and Face-to-Face CPD Events

- Professional Network and Community
  Join a Global Network of Industry Professionals, with Regular Social and Networking Events

- Industry Advocacy
  Join the AIQS in Lobbying for the Advancement and Recognition of the Quantity Surveying Industry 

- Benefits Collective
  Access the AIQS Member Benefits Program and Access a Range of Lifestyle and Corporate Benefits

Added Benefits of Membership for QS's under 35:

- Socialise and Network with Young Quantity Surveyors at YQS Specific Events
- Support Network for Young Professionals
- Tailored YQS Education and CPD Events
- Career Opportunities and Professional Recognition

The sky's the limit

Behind every construction project, large or small, is a person whose responsibility it is to determine what it will cost. The Quantity Surveyor, is a professional figure in the Property and Construction Industry.

Demand for qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyors has been high in recent years, despite the economic downturn. The profession is also at the forefront of some of the current issues facing the Property and Construction Industry, including Sustainability and the desire for Green Buildings. Quantity Surveying qualifications are recognised worldwide and there are ample opportunities for overseas travel. 

Staying Up-to-Date and Connected with the AIQS

The AIQS has a range of resources aimed at keeping our Members Up-to-Date with Industry expectations and news.

As an AIQS Member you can access

- AIQS Publication and Learning Resources at Member Rates.
   Head to the AIQS Shop for details on available publications. 

- AIQS Fortnightly e-bulletin
   The AIQS e-bulletin, sent out to members once a fortnight, includes industry news and information about upcoming
    AIQS events and initiatives.

- AIQS Quarterly Construction Cost Index 
  The AIQS provides quarterly updates on current construction costs that can be accessed by members through the
  AIQS website

- AIQS Building Economist
  The AIQS Building Economist quarterly publication is available online to AIQS Members. Click Here to access current
  editions of the Building Economist.

Staying Connected with the AIQS

- LinkedIn
  Join our LinkedIn network and connect with other QS professionals 

- AIQS Facebook
  Stay up-to-date with current AIQS information through our Facebook Page
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- AIQS Twitter
  Follow the AIQS on Twitter for highlights from AIQS events and news.
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