High Tech / High Touch Negotiation 

CPD Points: 1.5 

Integration of Technical and People Skills for better results presented by Alan Patching, FAIQS.

In this 90-minute session, Alan Patching will share practical tips and techniques to help improve your negotiation skills.


As a multi-qualified Quantity Surveyor, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, Alan will share how knowledge of human behaviour can assist in the negotiation of some of the largest deals in Australia’s property industry.

Alan is a retired Fellow of the AIQS and is regarded as one of Australia’s most internationally recognised leaders, consultants and keynote business speakers in his field. He is Professor and Associate Dean (Faculty) for the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University, and is responsible for 25 disciplines including Project Management, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying, as well as Human Behaviour and various humanities subjects. Alan is an unusual QS in that he has pursued dual careers.

As well as his work in the construction industry, he is a multi-qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. He is a US Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and holds a UK registration as a Psychotherapist. Alan has used his knowledge of human behaviour to assist in the negotiation of some of the largest deals in Australia’s property industry.

These days, Alan splits his working time between delivering presentations for universities and to the corporate world and running a busy clinic on the Gold Coast dealing with issues from phobias to depression and anxiety. He is well known internationally for his presentations and workshops which bring psychology principles to various leadership and management.

Cost: $80 Members / $100 Non Members
Register:  http://www.cpdlive.com/aiqs/seminars3/6987/preview.html

    Construction Insurances 

CPD Points: 1  

There are many risks and obligations involved in every construction project. Many can be transferred or met by various means, be it contractually, Insurance or through financial instruments like bonds or bank guarantees. However, what are the best options and what do you need to look for or consider? It may well be different for each project.

This webinar presented by Graham Mitchener and Bill Callan from Willis Construction Australasia will look to demystify some of these elements of a project by providing an outline of the types of insurance and financial instruments that are commonly used and more importantly what to look for when considering such arrangements

In particular, the session will cover:
 - Contract Works & Public Liability
 - Professional Indemnity
 - General explanation on 'Insurance Bonds'

Cost: $80 Members / $100 Non Members
Register: http://omnovia.redbackconferencing.com.au/landers/page/997f90

  Tax Depreciation - Essentials

CPD Points: 1.5 

Join Ken Mansell for this 90 minute session where he will cover the basics of ‘Capital Allowances and Capital Works Deductions’ found in Division 40 and Division 43 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

The session will cover, with a focus on rental properties, the following:

 Division 40 - Capital Allowance Essentials
 - Introduction to Division 40
 - Decline in value of depreciating assets
 - Depreciating assets
 - Hold a depreciating asset
 - Calculating the decline in value
 - Cost
 - Balancing adjustments
 - Immediate deductions
 - Low value and software development pools
 - Other specific allowances in Division 40

Division 43 - Capital Works Essentials
 - Introduction to Division 43
 - What are capital works?
 - Deductible capital works
 - Calculating the Division 43 deduction
 - Transactions affecting capital works
 - Identifying Division 43 assets

Cost: $80 Members / $100 Non Members
Register:  http://omnovia.redbackconferencing.com.au/landers/page/8c191c