Members who have become "Lapsed Members" are eligible to apply for reinstatement at the membership grade they held prior to becoming lapsed via either one of the following options:

(A) Immediate reinstatement with continuity of membership by providing the following:
-  Payment of Reinstatement Fee and arrears of Membership Fees of up to five years
-  A letter explaining why the membership became lapsed
The applicant should ensure compliance with CPD requirements


(B) Application for new membership by submitting the following:
-  A new Application Fee and Membership Fee for the current year
-  A new membership application together with all prerequisite information
The applicant will be required to sit an APC interview should the membership have lapsed for more than two years.

To download the reinstatement form for options A or B, please click on the link below.  For option B, please ensure that you have also completed the Schedule of Recognised Practical Experience.
Reinstatement Corporate
(Adobe PDF File)
Reinstatement Non-Corporate
(Adobe PDF File)
Please send your completed application form and supporting documents to