AIQS is developing a suite of Practice Standards and Guidance Notes on a range of topics relevant to Quantity Surveyors and their clients.

You are seeing this Guidance Note - Construction Finance Reports (Exposure Draft) to ensure the document is reviewed by stakeholders who are either directly or indirectly engaged in the financing and delivery of building construction projects. This Guidance Note focuses on identifying and addressing key risk management issues impacting construction finance reporting.

Guidance Notes essentially deal with matters of risk management surrounding the application of the subject matter concerned. These risks are usually key matters which should be brought to our members’ attention, rather than a process or procedural document detailing how every aspect of a task is to be undertaken. The level of guidance and information addressing particular risks will be dependent on the subject matter and the nature of the risk concerned.

It is important to ensure that a Guidance Note is not limited to procedures or methods limited to any one jurisdiction, rather it should seek to establish a consistent approach wherever possible. Where jurisdictional differences do exist, these should be noted without being overly prescriptive.

Download the Guidance Note - Construction Finance Reports (Exposure Draft) via the link below. This document has been issued as an Exposure Draft for review and commentary purposes only and should not be relied upon by any persons.

All feedback relevant to the Exposure Draft should be provided by close of business 31 August 2018 and directed to:

Grant Warner
Chief Executive Officer, AIQS