Assessment Fees

All Skilled Migration Assessment Applications must include payment of the relevant Assessment Fee and be payable in Australian Dollars.  Payment can be made either via Bank draft or Credit Card.

Please note that the Assessment Fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the assessment.

The following table outlines the fees applicable from 1 January 2014:
 Assessment Specification 
Australian Applicants 
(including GST) 
Overseas Applicants
(excluding GST) 
 Non AIQS Member Assessment Fee                           AUD$715.00  AUD$650.00  
 Student AIQS Member Assessment Fee  AUD$715.00   AUD$650.00  
 AIQS Member Assessment Fee  AUD$247.50  AUD$225.00  
 Re-assessment Fee (only applicable within two
 years of the date of the original positive assessment)
                 AUD$247.50    AUD$225.00 
 Administrative Fee (Deposit)  AUD$110.00 AUD$100