Scholarships for Quantity Surveying Students

Download information form "Scholarships for Quantity Surveying Students" (PDF 870 KB) or the Scholarship Application Form
Tertiary Courses Guide accredited by the AIQS

Criteria and Conditions

The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is offering a scholarship of $3,000 for Year 12 students who qualify for and enter a Quantity Surveying, Construction Economics, Construction Management (Economics) or other appropriate course at an AIQS accredited university in Australia.

Scholarship Value
The monetary part of the scholarship is $2,000 and there are no restrictions on its use. The scholarship also includes professional text books and manuals, which are required reading for QS courses, valued at $1000. Additional to the monetary amount, the scholarship will include free Student Membership of the AIQS and promotion to the top of the QS cadetships vacancy list.

Application Criteria
To be eligible the applicant must meet the following criteria:
Be an Australian resident.
Be in Year 12
Have passes in English and Maths units in Year 11.

Application Process
There are two parts to the application process:
Complete the AIQS Scholarship Application Form, with certification by your School/College Principal or Form Supervisor.
Complete a 500 word essay on the following topic:

"Describe the role and services of the Quantity Surveyor (Project Cost Manager) and comment on the future of the QS profession"

Closing Date
The completed Application Form and the Essay should be posted to the address shown on the Scholarship Application form.

Acceptance of Scholarships
Conditions apply to the acceptance of the scholarships, and they are:
The scholarship recipient must enroll and be accepted in a Quantity Surveying, Construction Economics or Construction Management (Economics) course at a University accredited by the AIQS (a list of these are available from your Careers Advisor or from the Tertiary Course Guide).

The scholarship recipient must successfully complete the first year of the course.

The scholarship recipient's parents or guardian must guarantee to repay the scholarship to the AIQS if the recipient fails to satisfy conditions a) or b) above. Such repayment is to be made within one (1) month of notification by the AIQS.

Scholarships holders are expected to assist in promoting Quantity Surveying courses at Careers Expo that are held in their relevant capital cities.

Payment of Scholarships
The AIQS will pay the scholarship amount to the recipient by cheque (or their nominated payee) upon receipt in the AIQS National Office of a copy of the approved university Student enrolment advice which must identify the course being undertaken.

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