Become a Quantity Surveyor 

Typically, the pathway to becoming a Quantity Surveyor begins with a tertiary qualification.  AIQS accredits courses that meet and maintain educational standards relevant to the disciplines of quantity surveying and construction economics and provides external verification of a course’s quality.

You can find the AIQS Accredited Course Guide for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses here.  Individuals should consult course guides and speak to educational institutions directly to determine the best course for your circumstances.

Graduates holding the resulting awards from an AIQS Accredited Course are adequately equipped to be recognised by the AIQS as meeting the academic requirements for entry to AIQS membership.

Some organisations offer cadetship opportunities for students completing relevant industry degrees, you will find some of these listed on the Internships & Cadetships Page.

Once you have graduated, keep your eye on the AIQS Job Board and other industry job listing sites to find a relevant Quantity Surveying position. 

Quantity Surveyors work in the private sector with consulting firms, in the public sector mainly with the State Government Departments/Authorities and the Australian Construction Service, and increasingly with building contractors, financiers, property developers, project managers and universities.