Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
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Complaints Under AIQS Code of Conduct

Under our agreement with the Tax Practitioners Board and in accordance with the AIQS Code of Conduct, a report must be produced each year to indicate the number of formal complaints against members of AIQS. Under the Code, the principle of natural justice is built into the procedures.

The AIQS Complaints Committee is made up of three Fellow members of AIQS. The AIQS Tribunal is made up of one practicing lawyer (not an AIQS member), one professional who is a member of another professional membership body, and one AIQS member who is not part of the related Chapter or has no prior business dealings with the defendant.

Allegation Decision and Recommendation Date of Decision and Recommendation
1 AIQS member in breach of rules 3.1 and 6.3 of AIQS Code of Conduct Member was officially censored and directed to provide updated tax schedules to the complainant Jun-17
2 AIQS member in breach of rules 3.2, 3.3 and 3.12 of AIQS Code of Conduct Upheld. Member directed to return the full deposit to the complainant and undertake communication courses. Dec-18
3 AIQS member in breach of rule 3.11 of AIQS Code of Conduct Overturned by appeal. Jan-19
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