Corporate Partners

We value our Corporate Partners as they provide a pivotal role in helping us to provide programs and services to the quantity surveying profession.

Exactal was established in October 2003 to develop estimating software for the construction industry and, more specifically, to integrate the estimating process with CAD drawing files. Although there were a few suppliers in this field at the time, our approach differed from others by the way we directly tied measurements to the elements in the CAD drawings. This approach allowed us to deliver unique bi-directional links between the estimate and the sections of the drawing represented; the resulting product was called CostX®. The unique combination of these two elements has also been trademarked by Exactal as the Cost Geometry® of the building.

CostX® is now in wide spread use amongst quantity surveying, construction, development, subcontracting and estimating firms, both large and small, around the world. From its first release in July 2004, CostX® sales have grown exponentially and it is now sold and supported in over 80 countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and across Africa.

Exactal will continue to grow its market share around the world as we build our worldwide operations and continue to invest heavily in the further development of our line of products.

As the endorsed insurance broker to AIQS we have established professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance facility specifically tailored for AIQS members
Member Advantage Insurance Broking is the endorsed Insurance Broker to AIQS and has established an exclusive Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance facility for members. A panel of Insurers have been appointed to meet the wide variety of member needs.

The revamped facility includes the following features specific to the core Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance requirements of members:

> Highly competitive pricing
> Broader cover:

Claims Mitigation Expenses
Statutory Fines and Penalties
Includes cover for members working overseas, anywhere in the world.
Exclusive contract review service for AIQS members

By adopting a proactive approach to cost management, Rawlinsons has made significant contributions to the Australian built environment since 1953. As the creators and editors of the extensively circulated Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook and Rawlinsons Construction Cost Guide, we maintain the most comprehensive and current library of construction pricing information and data sources in Australia.

Rawlhouse, our publishing company was formed with the express purpose of producing an annual book of technical building and construction costs which would include detailed information for all Australian states. The first edition of Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook was released in 1983 and has become the leading reference book within the construction industry in Australia. It is directed mainly at medium/large projects.

It later became obvious that there was a need to introduce a compact volume which would specifically meet the demands of those involved in the light industrial, small commercial and housing sections of the industry. In 1993 Rawlinsons Construction Cost Guide was launched and became an instant success. This is an essential reference book for the small builder, architect/consultant and many others in the construction industry.

Buildsoft is an Australian company who has pioneered estimating and takeoff software for more than 30 years, and is driven by a passion to make estimating easier for the construction industry. In this time, Buildsoft has developed a strong and reputable brand within the industry. 

Our software solutions are a result of the serious investment we make in research and development, coupled with the feedback we get from the industry, to uncover new methodologies to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.

As market leaders, we have a proven track record of innovation, setting new industry standards, then taking them even further. Backed by Berkshire Hathaway, we have the stability of a Fortune 500 Company, with the agility of a tech startup.

Both Cubit - our natural estimating solution, and Bartender - our innovative online cost comparison solution, are developed for industry-leading, innovative and large construction companies and Quantity Surveyors, offering an ideal solution for fast and accurate estimating.