How Do I Become a Quantity Surveyor?

1. Complete your high school education - concentrate on doing well in mathematics and science courses.

2. Obtain a Bachelor's degree - There are several degree options available to you in your path to becoming a quantity surveyor.  It is best for you to seek advice from your career advisor or the universities to find out which one would best suit your needs.  Each course offers you a different career path and your choice will depend on your goals.

AIQS has produced an Accredited Course Guide, listing courses that meet and maintain educational standards relevant to the disciplines of quantity surveying and construction economics.  Enrolling and successfully completing one of the accredited courses may provide you with an eventual pathway to membership of AIQS.

3. Gain exposure - Look for cadetship opportunities upon graduating or even while you are still studying.  This will enable you to gain a "real-world" view of what quantity surveying entails and is most likely to complement your academic study.

4. What if I am wanting to make a career change?
If you already possess a bachelor's degree in another discipline, you may want to study for a Postgraduate degree in quantity surveying and possibly secure a role as an apprentice QS.

The information provided above is general guidance on how to become a quantity surveyor and does not constitute career advice.  It does not guarantee a job placement as with all career prospects, gaining employment depends solely on an individual's background, experience and performance.