Managing Your Risks from Employee to Consultant to Retirement
CPD Points: 1.0

This webinar is designed to provide the professional consultant with the right information and advice to protect themselves, their family and their business from the financial risks that are present at all stages of their consulting career.

Mitigating these risks can be done a number of ways, we will explain how this can be done by using live case studies and real-life claims examples to give true context to the advice.


What You will learn

You will gain insight into key insurance and risk management decisions to be made over the whole life cycle of a consulting business. Topics will include

- Insurance product options,

- Key risks to Quantity Surveyors,

- Contractual Liability and

- How Claims Made Insurance impacts on retirement.


Who should attend

Anyone who either currently works in consulting or is considering their own consultancy business in the future.


About the presenter

Matt Kuc, Manager – Professional Risks Austbrokers Countrywide | Association and Affinity Expert

With over 10 years’ experience, Matt’s specialities carry from the front end of working with an Association directly through to the arrangement of insurance facilities. Matt has also delivered a number of seminars ranging from webinars through to overseas conferences, with key areas of focus in risk management and claims case studies to help better educate and protect association members.

: $80 Members/ $100 Non Members
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Tax Depreciation: Just Capital Works under Division 43 - A refresher
CPD Points: 1.5

A must attend session if you want to understand the basics of, or refresh your knowledge of Capital works under Division 43. In this session you will learn the one half of how tax depreciation works, looking at the Capital works deduction under Division 43 for buildings.

This session will cover the following:


Division 43 - Capital Works Essentials

- Introduction to Division 43

- What are capital works?

- Deductible capital works

- Calculating the Division 43 deduction

- Transactions affecting capital works

- Identifying Division 43 assets

About the Presenter
Ken Mansell currently works as a tax trainer for a series of organisations. He has worked in almost every role you would expect from someone who loves tax, including on the secretariat of the Review of Australia's Future Tax System ("Henry Review"), in the office of the Assistant Treasurer advising on taxation policy and in the Federal Treasury developing and implementing tax policy. Ken has also worked in the Tax Division for both KPMG and Deloitte, as a Tax Trainer and Tax Specialist for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Head of Taxation for the Seven Network Limited group and Raytheon Australia.

Cost: $80 Members/ $100 Non Members
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Leadership Series
CPD Points: 1.0 each session

This series covers three sessions providing the participants with an opportunity to learn all aspects of Leadership. Particpants can register for one or more sessions.

We recommend bundling your Leadership series purchases (3 sessions) in one easy payment and also receiving a discount.

Session 1 - Growing Yourself as a Leader - Tuesday, 15 May 2018
In this one hour webinar, we will identify why it is critical to continue to develop your leadership skills and how, as  a quantity surveyor progesional you can do this.

Follwoing topics will be covered in this session:

  • The importance of continuous development of leadership skills as a quantity surveyor professional
  • Key leadership skills to develop
  • Techniques for leadership development

The learning outcomes from this one-hour webinar include:

  • The key reason why continuous leadership development is critical for you and your career as a quantity surveyor leader
  • Understand the key leadership areas that strong quantity surveyor leaders have mastered
  • Identify techniques to help develop yourself as a quantity surveyor leader
  • Case study:  From Manager to Leader: Learning and applying leadership skills to move from manager to leader.

Session 2 - Inspiring and Motivating Your Team - Thursday, 21 June 2018
In this session, learn how as a quantity surveyor professional, you can inspire and motivate yourself and others.

Following topics will be covered in this session:

  • The difference between inspiring and motivating
  • What causes disengagement in a team
  • Key tools and strategies to inspire and motivate

The learning outcomes from this session include:

  • Understand the difference between inspiring and motivating
  • Identify ways that people become uninspired and demotivated in a team
  • Understand the key tools and strategies to inspire and motivate yourself and others in quantity surveyor roles
  • Case study:  From Disengaged to High Performing: Moving from a disengaged team to a high performing team.

Session 3 - The Power of Feedback - Wednesday, 15 August 2018
In this one-hour webinar we will address the importance of feedback and discuss different techniques to improve giving feedback to others as a leader.

Following topics will be covered: 

  • The importance of feedback
  • What constitutes good feedback
  • Different feedback techniques

The learning outcomes from this webinar include:

  • Understand why mastering feedback is a critical leadership skill for quantity surveyor leaders
  • Understand what constitutes good feedback
  • The key differences between quantity surveyor professionals that provide good feedback and those that don’t
  • Discuss different feedback techniques quantity surveyor leaders can use to improve performance and engagement in others
  • Case Study: From A Disengaged to Motivated: Providing feedback that improved engagement and motivation.

Cost: Members $80/Non members $100​
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Recording Expiry: Session 1 - 15 August 2018; Session 2 - 21 September 2018; Session 3 - Wednesday, 15 November 2018