Certified Quantity Surveyor

Certified Quantity Surveyor (CQS) is an additional designation to Corporate Membership grade. It does not change your membership grade.

The number of AIQS members who have achieved CQS designation is on the increase. Click here to see the list of those members.

> As a CQS, you are amplifying your achievements to your clients and prospects as you are continuously developing and deepening your knowledge and skills. 
> CQSs are attractive to Government, financial institutions and corporates.
> The AIQS Construction Financing Reporting Guidance Note stipulates that the preparation and delivery of reports to financial institutions, acting as the Financier’s representative, should be undertaken by a Corporate member of the AIQS, holding the designation of Certified Quantity Surveyor (CQS). This requirement is supported by a number of financial institutions.
> Over time, you will see an increasing number of organisations requiring a CQS to carry out their work.
> You will be listed on a specific section on the AIQS website that shows the names of those members who have achieved CQS designation.
> Ability to showcase the CQS logo in addition to the AIQS member logo.
> You receive a CQS branded professional compendium and pen. 


Who can apply?

Application for Certified Quantity Surveyor (CQS) designation is available to AIQS Corporate Members in Good Standing (Corporate Membership held prior to January 2017), and new applicants to Corporate Membership.

CQS applicants must be currently undertaking Quantity Surveying work.

Applicants must not have a substantiated breach of AIQS Code of Conduct in the past 5 years. Applicants with a complaint in progress regarding a breach of the AIQS Code of Conduct will have their application for CQS designation deferred until the outcome of the complaint has been determined.

Application Process
Assessment, Appeals & Use of designation