Where do I submit my membership application?
Please email membership@aiqs.com.au with your completed application and supporting documents.  Please do not send it to any other email addresses as your application may not go through or there may be delays.

I have already done a Skilled Migration Assessment, why do I need to do a Membership application as well to become a member?
Skilled migration assessments is a service performed on behalf of the Government by the AIQS.  Membership application is separate from Skilled Migration.  If you would like to become a member of the AIQS, please fill out a separate application form for this.

Will I receive a membership card?
AIQS no longer provides a printed membership card to members.

I am based overseas, why do I not have access to the Member Advantage program?
Member Advantage is currently only providing benefits from businesses in Australia.  They do not have any offerings from international businesses and hence why we can only provide benefits for members who are Australian-based.  However, if you know of a similar program in your country, please let us know by emailing membership@aiqs.com.au since we are always open to providing more benefits to our international-based members.

I attended a CPD course, run by the AIQS.  Will I receive a printed certificate?
AIQS will not provide printed certificate for attending CPD courses; however, you will be automatically allocated CPD points for attending eligible AIQS-based events which will count towards your annual CPD requirements.

Where do I submit other CPD records?
Please only submit them online through your member portal. Click here to go to the online form to log your CPD.  For further CPD-related FAQs, please click here