AIQS 2019-20 Membership Fees

The following table details the AIQS membership fees.
(The fee covers your membership for 12 months from 1 July through to 30 June. Fees shown exclude GST.)

Membership Type Region Fees (excl. GST)
Students    No fee 
Graduate  Standard Fees AU$260 
Affiliate/Member/Associate  Standard Fees AU$520 
Affiliate/Member/Associate International Group 1 Concession* AU$250
Affiliate/Member/Associate International Group 2 Concession* AU$460 
Fellow Standard Fees AU$625 
Fellow International Group 1 Concession* AU$365 
Fellow International Group 2 Concession* AU$590 
Retired  Standard Fees  AU$90

*The countries included in International 1 and International 2 concessions are identified in the table below.  Please refer to the Membership Entry & Advancement Policy for further information on Concessions.

International 1  International 2 
Sri Lanka  Malaysia 
India  Brunei 

Pro-rata amount for new memberships:

July 1 (full fees) 
August 11/12 
September 10/12 
October 3/4 
November 2/3 
December 7/12 
January 1/2 
February 5/12 
March 1/3 
April 1/4 
May 1/6 
June 1/12 

If you require further information about AIQS Membership Fees, please email or call +61 2 8234 4000.