Reinstatement of Membership

Members or former members who have not been actively undertaking quantity surveying work for over two consecutive years and wish to return to the membership grade that was previously held; are required to provide evidence of having completed the prescribed level of CPD in accordance with that membership grade prior to reinstatement. This includes any compulsory topic(s) from the AIQS Academy attributed to membership entry (for example, Code of Conduct).

Should the membership grade they previously held no longer exists, Chapter Council may recommend the most suitable current level.

Applicants should provide true and correct information at the time of the application. If false claims are made or misleading information have been provided or found at a later stage, the applicant or member may be in breach of the Code of Conduct and disciplinary actions may be taken or the application nullified. 

Except in relation to a member expelled as a consequence of sanctions imposed in accordance with the Company’s Complaints Policy, a former member may be readmitted to membership in accordance with the Membership Entry & Advancement Policy as outlined below:

Timeframe Requirements
Reinstatement within the same financial year  Reinstatement Fee + Membership Fee + CPD requirements for whole year of membership going forward 
Reinstatement within 3 years or less  Reinstatement Fee + Membership Fee + CPD requirements for whole year of membership going forward + Code of Conduct 
Reinstatement over 3 years  Reinstatement Fee + Membership Fee + CPD requirements for whole year of membership going forward + Code of Conduct + Full CPD points for the prior 12 months 

Where the applicant was formerly an Associate Member, any application for re-admission must be to a current class of membership.    
Former Student, Graduate and Affiliate members are not eligible for reinstatement of membership and must submit a new application to membership. 
Any former Corporate member who has been re-admitted will be subject to any outstanding complaints, CPD Audits, or any other matters in conformity with the Institute’s rules.  
A Member removed in accordance with By-Law 12.1d (expulsion of membership) may be readmitted to membership subject to such terms and conditions deemed appropriate by the AIQS Board. 

All applicants will be required to pay the applicable application fees and membership fees at the time of lodging their application for re-admission. 
The re-instatement fee is:
Australian applicants AUD$55.00 (GST included).
Overseas applicants AUD$50.00 (GST exempt).

Re-admission to former membership grade without payment of arrears and re-instatement fee is available upon the payment of an application fee under the Membership Entry & Advancement Policy.
Non-continuous membership will be deemed and a new certificate issued showing the most recent date of admission.  This is essentially the same as a new admission.  Please note that before re-admission can be considered, the Institute requires that any original membership certificates be returned or a signed declaration stating that membership certificate has been lost or destroyed be submitted.  Current publications will be provided as for new members.  This course requires the clear and specific advice of Chapters, the approval of Council and does entail some delay.

The re-admission fee is: 
Australian applicants AUD$165.00 (GST included)
Overseas applicants AUD$150 (GST excluded)

Please send your completed application form and supporting documents to