Policy and Application Form

The AIQS is nominated by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection as the relevant assessing authority for the occupation of Quantity Surveying ANZSCO 233213 only.

Skilled Migration Assessments are assessed under one of three separate pathways dependent upon where you gained your academic qualifications:

Pathway 1 - Australian Accredited Qualification (Section 5 of our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy)
Pathway 2 - Non Accredited Australian Qualification with Two Years Employment (Section 6 of our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy)
Pathway 3 - Overseas Trained Applicant (Section 7 of our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy)

Please refer to our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy for full details of application requirements.

To apply for Skilled Migration Assessment, please complete and submit the Application Form  along with the required documentation for your pathway.  The Check List on page 5 contains a summary of the documentation required to be submitted.  Where Section numbers are included, these refer to Sections of our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy which contains further information on the requirements.

Please note that Skilled Migration Assessment is independent of an AIQS Membership application and are mutually exclusive.