Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certified copy of a document?
Original documents are not accepted with your application for skilled migration assessment.  Documents submitted are not returned to the applicant.  Please provide certified copies of your documents. 

When submitting your documents by email, please scan the certified copies and attach them as a PDF file to your email.

A certified copy of a document is a copy of an original document which is certified as a true copy by an authorised person.  Authorised people include:  Justices of the Peace (JP's), legal practitioners and Police Officers.  For the certification standards and a full list of professionals who are authorised to certify documents, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website

In instances where the applicant lives overseas, documents may be certified by a citizen of the applicant's country of residence who is employed in one of the occupational groups listed on the Department of Home Affairs website. Please note that the certification should appear on the front page of the document (not the reverse side of the document).

Certification should appear on each page of the submitted document.  For example, if your transcript is a three page document then the certification must appear on the front of all three pages of the document.

Please ensure that your certified documents are dated no older than 12 months from the date of submission.

Am I required to submit an English Test Report with my application?
Overseas trained applicants must submit a Department of Home Affairs approved English Language Test with their application.  Exceptions are listed in the Skilled Migration Policy.
We do NOT accept combined test results from tests undertaken at different times.

I received my English Test Report online.  How do I get this certified?
Please print your test report and have this certified by an authorised person.  You may then scan this and attach it as part of your submission.   Please do not send original test reports to us.
If I work as a Quantity Surveyor but hold a degree in an allied discipline (such as Civil Engineering), is my degree eligible for skilled migration assessment?
The qualification requirement in our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy states that applicants must have a degree in "Quantity Surveying or Construction Management and Economics".  The interpretation of "Quantity Surveying" is defined in Section 2 of our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy.  Therefore, applicants with degrees in allied disciplines may  be considered for skilled migration assessment but is not a guarantee.  Please note that, upon application, our Assessors will conduct a further assessment of qualifications based on your degree and related transcript documents.  Assessment of your skilled employment will also be conducted.

Any other engineering degrees such as general engineering, mechanical, electrical or software are not considered as allied disciplines.

Is there a reduced assessment fee for Student Members of the AIQS?
Student Members of the AIQS are required to pay the full assessment fee.  To be eligible for the reduced assessment fee, you must be a voting member of the AIQS.  If you have successfully completed an AIQS accredited degree, you are eligible to transfer your membership from Student to Graduate grade.  To transfer your membership to Graduate grade, please complete the Graduate Application Form and submit to

Do you have an example of a reference letter?
We do not provide an example.  However, the reference letter should follow the format below:
- References must be written by a Quantity Surveyor who has supervised your work.
- Be on company letterhead (if the Supervisor writing your reference has moved to another organisation, they may use the letterhead of the company they now work for and in the letter state the name of the company at which they worked with you).
- Letter must be dated (include the date the letter was signed).
- Written references must outline your role and the main duties performed in this role.
- Include specified commencement and end dates of your role with the organisation.
- Contact details for your references need to be included.
- Include the qualifications and post nominals of the person signing the reference (e.g. BSc QS if has a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying and/or MRICS if is a member of RICS etc.). 

What do you consider an appropriate supervisor?
An appropriate supervisor (not a professional or HR Manager) must meet one of the following criteria:
- Employer/Direct Supervisor that is practicing and qualified as a Quantity Surveyor who has studied and graduated from a minimum of 3 years full time in Quantity Surveying;
- A Practising Quantity Surveyor recognised as a Corporate Member of the AIQS or other body formally recognised by the Institute;
- A Practising Quantity Surveyor that gained their Construction related qualification/degree (minimum of 3 year full-time) in Australia

I am a current member of AIQS / recognised Association.  Do I still need to submit for a Skilled Migration Assessment or is there a direct pathway?
If you are a current member of AIQS or a recognised Association, this is helpful with the overall assessment of your application.  You may also be eligible to apply through Pathway 4 if you have a minimum of 12 months of work experience post obtaining your membership qualification.  However, you will still need to fill out an application form for skilled migration and provide all the supporting documents as requested.  Skilled Migration is assessed separately from membership.

I'm not sure which Pathway I should go through.
If you have graduated from an Australian degree, which is found in our Accredited Course Guide, it will be Pathway 1.  If you have graduated from any other Australian degree not found in our Accredited Course Guide, it will be Pathway 2.  All other overseas degrees are Pathway 3.  For further information, please refer to our Skilled Migration Assessment Policy.  If you have been an AIQS member or a member of a Recognised Association (conditions apply, please refer to the Skilled Migration Policy) for a minimum of 12 months regardless of which country you completed your degree, you may be eligible for Pathway 4. 

I have received a 'suitable' assessment through Pathway 1 OR I am eligible to apply through Pathway 1, but I would also like to have my work experience assessed.
Please note that you will need to adhere to and apply through the Pathway 2 requirements, which is to have a minimum of 2 years of work experience post-graduation and provide all relevant documents as per the Skilled Migration Assessment Policy.  We do not perform separate work experience assessments.  If you advise us of this at the start, then we will only process your application once.  If you have already received your assessment through Pathway 1, then you will need to re-apply through Pathway 2.

I'm not sure which Visa I should apply for.

Please refer all your visa-related queries to the Department of Home Affairs.

Quantity Surveying is flagged on the MLTSSL.  Do you know whether it will stay on the list over the next 6-12 months?
Whilst the relevant Government department involves us in the consultation phase, we find out at the same time as the public whether Quantity Surveying remains on the list.  Unfortunately we cannot foresee what will happen with the list in 6-12 months' time.

How long is my assessment valid for?
2 years from the date on your assessment letter.

Do you provide assessments for work experience only?
We perform the assessments as a whole, taking into consideration both your qualifications and your work experience.  In fact, your qualifications are assessed first, followed by your work experience.  If you do not hold suitable qualifications, then your whole assessment will not be considered suitable.

I hold a masters degree in quantity surveying, but my bachelor's degree is not in quantity surveying.  Does my work experience prior to obtaining the masters degree count?
Only work experience post obtaining a recognised degree may be eligible for assessment.  if your first degree is not recognised then only the years of work experience after achieving your masters degree will be eligible for assessment.

What is a passport photo and what are the guidelines?
Please refer to the Australian Passport Office website for passport photo guidelines:
We request that the passport photo you provide by email to us has been taken no later than 4 weeks prior to your submission. Click here to view an example of how to submit your passport photo.

Which English Test(s) do you accept?
We accept any of the tests currently accepted by the Department of Home Affairs.

Which IELTS Test should I do?  General or Academic?
You may do either one.  Most people provide the General test.

The AIQS Accredited Course Guide contains accredited degrees from overseas.  Do these degrees also count under Pathway 1?
The Policy clearly states that only the Australian degrees listed under the Accredited Course Guide are eligible for Pathway 1.  Therefore if you have graduated from a degree that is from overseas, regardless of whether it is listed in the Accredited Course Guide, you are only eligible under Pathway 3 or 4 for Skilled Migration purposes.

How many points am I eligible for given my background?
Please refer all your points and visa-related enquiries to either a migration agent or to the Department of Home Affairs.

My positive assessment letter is about to expire, can I renew the assessment?
Yes, as long as it is within 24 months of your original assessment.  Please resubmit all documents with up to date information as per the Pathway you originally submitted, a new application form duly filled out as well as the outcome letter.  You will only be required to pay a re-assessment fee.

My Supervisor is not a qualified quantity surveyor.  Will you still accept reference letters from them?
Please note that there is a strict requirement for the supervisor to be a qualified quantity surveyor as per the Policy.  This enables us to verify the validity of the statements made in your reference letters.

I have not yet graduated from my course.  Can I still apply for an assessment?
No, the minimum requirement to be eligible for assessment is that you must have first graduated from a bachelor's degree.