Affiliate grade is open to applicants who have graduated from a minimum Bachelor’s degree equivalent to AQF Level 7 or higher, but is not currently working in Quantity Surveying or Construction Cost Management. They may be working within an allied profession.

Where an applicant holds an Accredited Academic Qualification or Recognised Academic Qualification but does not currently qualify for any other grade of membership, they may be approved for Affiliate grade. However, they are required to advise the Institute as soon as practicable of their change in circumstances in order to apply for Member grade or other suitably relevant grade of membership.


Prerequisites for Affiliate Grade

  • Graduates who have obtained Accredited or Non-Accredited Academic Qualifications (minimum Bachelor's degree)
  • Not be engaged in the practice, or teaching, of Quantity Surveying 



Apply for Affiliate Grade


Review the above prerequisites for Affiliate grade and make sure you comply with the requirements. 


Complete your application.


Ensure you submit the following supporting documents:

  • Certified copy of your degree qualifications
  • Certified copy of all relevant professional association memberships (if applicable)
  • Include a reference letter from employer or supervisor (if applicable) 
  • An up-to-date detailed CV 
  • Certificate issued upon completion of the AIQS Code of Conduct.


Email your completed application and checklist items as per the application to We will assess your application to ensure that it satisfies the AIQS’s membership requirements and notify you accordingly.

The AIQS membership team will contact you once the assessment process has been completed.  

Please note that if you are deemed to be eligible for Member grade or Graduate grade we will discuss that opportunity.