As of 1 January 2024, the eligibility requirements for Affiliate grade have changed. Please ensure you read the new 2024 Membership Entry and Elevation Policy carefully before applying. The below information applies to new applicants applying to Affiliate grade from 1 January 2024.

Affiliate grade membership is available to persons with quantity surveying skills or working in an allied profession and have not achieved the prerequisites required for Fellow, Member or Graduate grades.

Where the applicant’s degree qualification/s (equivalent to AQF Level 6) is an engineering course in the allied profession of engineering, the degree must be fully accredited under the Dublin Accord.


Prerequisites for Affiliate grade

a)    Have completed an ‘Other’ (non-AQF Level 7) tertiary academic qualification


b)   Have no tertiary academic qualifications


c)    The employer deems would not be suitable for Member grade. o not have the requisite skills and experience based on the AIQS Competencies to pass an APC Interview


d)   Have failed to satisfy the requirements for Graduate or Member grade


e)   Pass the AIQS Code of Conduct.




Apply for Affiliate grade


Review the prerequisites and eligibility requirements for Affiliate grade in the 2024 Membership Entry and Elevation Policy


Complete your Affiliate Grade Application Form and send with your updated CV to


The AIQS Membership Team will assist you along the appropriate pathway.