Steel vs Timber as a construction material

Steel and Timber, as construction materials are used throughout a variety of projects, each offering different considerations in their characteristics for applications when installed in floor and roof structures.  Both materials can impact cost and time through various circumstances.

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The Future of Quantity Surveying

Staff retention in QS firms has always been a challenge. Tough competition between QS firms, the allure of moving to the development side and concerns in the future of the QS profession have contributed to the volatility of maintaining staff. Furthermore, economic pressures and the Covid-19 pandemic have also made QS staff reconsider their profession entirely when fees are getting more competitive putting pressure on salaries.

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Risk Management of Supply Chain Issues in the Built Environment

Over the past two years we have experienced extreme volatility including shutdowns due to COVID, cost escalation of labour and materials, lack of supply, and issues with contracts and rapidly fluctuating costs, which have led to both challenges and opportunities in executing construction projects.

How is our industry, handling this currently and into the future?

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Embodied Carbon 101 for the Quantity Surveyor

Embodied carbon is the newest hot topic in the construction industry and Quantity Surveyors are a key piece of the puzzle in helping to measure it. Top professionals will soon not only be repositories of knowledge on all things price; they will also be required to have excellent insight on material and design considerations that can slash emissions.

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Safeguarding Mental Health in the Building and Construction Industry

Statistics show an alarming rate of suicide in the Australian construction industry, with male construction workers more likely to suicide than their counterparts in other industries. 

We have invited speakers in the industry to discuss the ways that businesses can better support their workers and how we can all make a difference to our industry’s mental health narrative.

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How to Manage a Construction Claim - International Chapter - Region 1

This talk will lead you to understand the preparation work that is required to protect your contractual rights, and the information to provide to the Claims Consultant in case Extension of Time (EOT) and Prolongation Cost Claims need to be submitted.

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Fair Work Act reforms: key changes you need to know

This webinar, presented by employment law expert Adrian Barwick from WilliamsonBarwick, will cover the key changes you need to know about the recently amended Fair Work Act, which has brought about the most significant legal reforms in industrial relations in the last 12 years.

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Right Here, Right Now! Women Driving the Quantity Surveying Profession 

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, AIQS has gathered five leading quantity surveying professionals to explore and discuss how innovation and technology is paving the way for greater gender equality in our profession.

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Update on Building Confidence: Regulatory Change and Confidence in the Industry

During this webinar, attendees will gain insights into recent and proposed updates to building regulations by Australian Governments.

The presentation will also cover the progress made by the Governments in implementing the recommendations from the Building Confidence Report five years after its release and explore the driving and hindering factors in its implementation.

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Managing Rising Costs During the Construction Phase

During this webinar, we will talk about managing rising costs during the construction phase, including a brief introduction to what these costs are. We will review each of the causes that have created these issues facing the industry. Furthermore, we will assess the impact rising costs have had on construction companies.

Also to be looked at are some of the options available to reduce the pressure being felt by people working in the construction industry. Finally, we will examine some of the tools in RIB CostX that can help manage these rising costs.

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Product Demonstration Webinar: Autodesk Takeoff

This Autodesk Takeoff software demonstration is an essential showcase for anyone interested in taking their construction estimating and project management to the next level.

The software is designed to accurately calculate the quantities required for a project, making it an indispensable tool for contractors, architects, and engineers.

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APQS Introduction (Singapore)

The Accredited Professional Quantity Surveyor (APQS) is a designation of Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) to ensure that Quantity Surveyors practicing in Singapore are competent; dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional service excellence; and seek continuous improvement and development.

The Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) has facilitated this webinar, and warmly welcomes all AIQS Members in Singapore to join the webinar to understand the programme and learn how to apply for the APQS designation.

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Protecting the Empire

This webinar will explore the range of strategies which the law provides to ensure that business owners and principals are appropriately protected each time a new contract is signed.

The construction industry has few certainties and many financial risks. While accountants and financial advisors are adept at minimising tax and managing GST, potential liabilities can be under-appreciated in designing and operating trading and asset holding structures. The purpose of this webinar is to raise awareness around these holding structures.

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Contract Management from the Perspective of the Employer, Contractor and Consultant

Throughout this webinar, Mr Clarence Quismundo will explore contract management from the perspective of the employer, contractor and consultant.

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Minimising Workplace Risk: Removing Unconscious Bias

This webinar delves into the sources of unconscious bias in the construction, engineering, mining and energy industries. This bias at times prevents us from achieving the diversity, equity and inclusion necessary for our success.

Due to a predicted shortfall of construction workers in the coming years, our ability to attract and retain the most talented individuals to our industries is critical.

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The Use of 5D BIM in Pre-Contract and Post-Contract

During this webinar, Mr Phillip Tan will examine the use of 5D BIM from the positions of Pre-Contract and Post-Contract.

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Panel Discussion - The Importance of QS in Projects in terms of Contract Management and 5D BIM

This webinar features an expert panel who discuss the importance of the quantity surveyor in projects in terms of contract management and 5D BIM.

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ACIF Economic Forecast 

During this webinar, Dr Daniel Bunting will present the key findings of the May 2023 ACIF Economic Forecast.

ACIF Forecasts are a primary source of market information for the building and construction industry in Australia, providing decision makers with a reliable and accurate compass for business planning.

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Importance of Embodied Carbon

As the focus on carbon neutrality increases, sustainably designed buildings hold long-standing value in today's market. 

This webinar explores the impact and trends of embodied carbon - an important, yet often overlooked part of development.

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Model-Based Quantification and Estimation in Preconstruction

In this session, be guided through the transformative potential of model-based practices.

Discover how these innovative techniques are revolutionising cost estimation, improving risk analysis, and enhancing the overall accuracy of project planning in the construction industry.

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Digital Transformation through PowerBI and Machine Learning

Machine learning has been a topic of discussion for some time now and PowerBI is not clear to many people. What exactly does it do and why is it important?

Join our team of esteemed construction industry professionals and gain new insights into construction costs using PowerBI and machine learning.

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Q&A Session and Discussion on APC Related Competencies Part 1 (Region 2)

Are you attending an APC Interview in the UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, India or Oman between September and October 2023?

Join Mr. Ajantha Premarathna, Mr. Bagavad EEswar S and Mr. Dharmendar Pardasani as they discuss and answer questions related to the below competencies covered at an APC interview.

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Q&A Session and Discussion on APC Related Competencies Part 2 (Region 2)

Are you attending an APC interview in the UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, India or Oman between September and October 2023?

Join Mr. Ramesh Palikila, FAIQS, CQS and Mr. Kingsley Devendra, MAIQS, CQS as they discuss and answer questions related to the below competencies covered at an APC interview.

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Q&A Session and Discussion on APC Related Competencies Part 3 (Region 2)

Are you attending an APC Interview in the UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, India, Bahrain or Oman between September to October 2023?

Join Mr. Lokitha Karavita, Mr. Kasi Viswanathan Sundaram and Mr. Dhammika Gamage as they discuss and answer questions related to the below competencies covered at an APC interview.

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Launching the new Residential Tax Depreciation information paper

This webinar runs through the newly released (August 2023) AIQS Residential Tax Depreciation Information Paper that provides AIQS members with details on how to minimise risk and informs clients as to what to expect when dealing with an AIQS member in the provision of tax depreciation services.

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Impact of the latest Fair Work updates

The most recent updates to the Fair Work Legislation restructure the parental leave provisions within the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Join Adrian Barwick of WilliamsonBarwick to learn how these changes, and more, will impact your business as of July 1 2023.

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Legislation Changes: Tax and Super for Employers

Perfect for Directors, Business Managers and HR teams; Adrian Barwick of WilliamsonBarwick will walk us through the relevant legislation updates to key tax and threshold changes, superannuation and employee authorised deductions.

Tax and threshold adjustments necessitate proactive tax planning for individuals and businesses. Staying informed and seeking professional guidance are crucial for compliance and achieving optimal outcomes.

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Should I sign that contract? Tips and advice on reviewing consultancy contracts

Join Laurence Gottlieb, Manager Professional Risks at Austbrokers Countrywide to discuss tips and advice on reviewing consultancy contracts.

During this webinar we will consider what to look out for in agreements and some lessons to be learned from the mistakes of others.

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Updates to SOPA, in conversation with John Murray AM

Hear a presentation on the latest Security of Payment updates across Australia from John Murray AM. 

John is the person the Commonwealth appointed to conduct a review of the different Security of Payment laws in Australia. His Report, Building Trust and Harmony was published in 2018 and since then, various State governments have amended their legislations to incorporate his various recommendations. 

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Advancing Carbon Emission Measurement in Construction

Quantity Surveying has a pivotal role to play in the measurement of construction-related carbon emissions.

Join Simon Squire as he runs through accurately measuring and managing carbon emissions in construction projects - a crucial initiative to drive change and create a more sustainable future.

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Calculating Embodied Carbon in Construction Estimating and Take-Offs

Join our speakers, Sumit Oberoi and Michael Orr from Autodesk to learn about:

  • Operational carbon emissions and renewable energy initiatives 
  • The Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) and how it helps users choose carbon-smart materials and, 
  • How to use EC3 in 2D and 3D Takeoffs

After watching this webinar, you will be have a greater ability to make decisions based on environmental impact and to start meeting sustainability goals.  

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Avoiding Cyber Claims: Case studies against consulting firms

Join Greg Hansen, Director - Professional Risks at Austbrokers Countrywide, to hear him provide tips and advice on avoiding cyber claims.

During this webinar we will discuss the ASD Essential 8 pillars of security to consider, and learn directly from case studies of consulting firms that did not have the right protections in place.

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Demystifying the role of the Expert Witness

Join us for the online launch of the Expert Witness Information Paper which aims to demystify the complex world of the Quantum Expert Witness, and to inspire the next generation of quantity surveyors to explore the potential career opportunities.

Featuring an overview of the AIQS Information Paper as well as a summary of the journey to becoming an Expert Witness by Stephen Bolt of WT Partnership, as well as real-lived case studies from distinguished Barrister Derek Hand of Greenway Chambers.

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Liquidated Damages - Essential Concepts

Liquidated Damages are one of the core elements of fixed-price contracts in the construction industry in Australia, and the fundamental enforcement mechanism for most principals, owners or developers.

Do you understand the legal concepts behind this contractual mechanism? What the exceptions are and when they might not apply? Do you understand the risks and how to address them with contract administration?

In this seminar, Mr Bernie Musry will explain the basics, give tips and answer your questions on this important topic in construction law.

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Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in Hong Kong - the QS Perspective

Hong Kong Government Policy Agenda 2017 called for the adoption of Modular integrated Construction (MiC) in Hong Kong (PPVC equivalent in Singapore). Since then, with the support of the Hong Kong Government, many MiC projects have been completed, many are ongoing, and many more are being planned.

The procurement approach in MiC development has matured. However, problems faced during the post-contract administration in various MiC projects have highlighted the need for improvements at the pre-contract stage of future developments. 

This webinar will focus on the challenges that quantity surveyors face with tender procurement, budget control, and review of improvement in contractual provisions in forthcoming MiC projects.

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Procurement in Construction and APC Q&A Session

This webinar will cover the following areas including an AIQS APC related Q&A Session:

Traditional Path accelerated method, Sequential method, Design and Build Path including Single Entry, Competitive Entry, Develop & Construct, Management Path (Management Contracting, Construction Management) and - Design and Manage Path and Tendering Methods including Open Tendering, Selective Tendering, Negotiated Contracts Tendering and identifying most suitable procurement strategy for projects including selection of forms contract for the project with risk associated with the procurement.

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Effects of Disruption on Construction Procurement

This webinar will explore the impacts of construction materials shortage in Singapore’s construction industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The construction industry plays a crucial role in supporting Singapore’s economy. However, throughout 2020 this industry was crippled by the impact of COVID-19. From labour shortages to supply chain disruptions, the industry struggled to keep up with the changes caused by COVID-19, resulting in lengthy delays to existing projects and new developments being put on hold or scrapped.

The road to recovery for the industry remains a long and difficult one. Industry players will need to be adaptable if they are to prosper.

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Retaining Young Talent in the QS Industry

While the QS industry strives to attract and retain young talent, we must first seek to understand these young people and respond to their excitement, as well as address any concerns they may have in joining us. Are we ignorant of their career goals? Are we are not flexible enough to accommodate their requests? Or perhaps our young talent are simply asking for too much?

The purpose of this webinar is to examine these questions, and to create a platform for understanding that bridges the gap among our QS generations. 

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ACIF Economic Forecasts Webinar - November 2023

Join us for a webinar in which Mr Peter Downes will present the key findings of the November 2023 ACIF Economic Forecasts.

ACIF Forecasts are a primary source of market information for the building and construction industry in Australia, providing decision makers with a reliable and accurate compass for business planning.

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Cyber Security - An Essential Update

The landscape has changed recently with the federal government flagging changes to the Privacy Act that would make cyber breach responsibilities for small businesses (those with a turnover under AU$3M) the same as larger companies. These changes would compel small businesses to report breaches to both clients and the authorities.

It is of necessity that Company Directors know the right questions to ask of their IT Department, or external IT service provider, such that they attain the best possible protection - this webinar seeks to deal with these questions.

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Use and Abuse of Concurrent Delay Provisions in Construction Contracts

Specific topics that will be dealt with include:

  • The shortcoming in Extension of Time (EOT) provisions of standard forms of contract.
  • Introduction (What/How/When/Why)
  • Entitlement to Time and Costs. (FIDIC – RED & Yellow)
  • Role played by the SCL Protocol
  • Preparation of concurrent Delay claims / Factors to be considered
  • Construction concurrent Delay Disputes

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APC Q&A Session - Motivation, Communication & Negotiations

Are you attending an APC Interview in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, India, Bahrain or Oman in March 2024? If so, join Mr. Lokitha Karavita in this Q&A session and discussion covering APC related competencies.

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ISO standards update: Asset / Facility Management and the SDGs

Transforming markets, this webinar will cover areas relevant to Quantity Surveying Professionals and others in 2024.

The ISO 41000 series (facility management (FM) and ISO 55000 series (asset management (AM) of standards involve a wide range of National Standards Bodies (53 and 58 countries involved respectively), contribute directly to the future of a range of Built Environment life cycle phases (design, delivery, operations and end-of-life) and our industry’s collective value proposition. Standards Australia are involved with both the ISO 41000 and 55000 series. These standards provide a common language and framework to support the consistency, performance and the management of risks.

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AIQS Membership Overview - International Chapter - Region 2

For people who are based in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sri Lanka and India, we are pleased to invite all interested members to elevate their membership, and non-members to join AIQS. 

This webinar will provide an overview of AIQS membership, and will discuss what is involved in the upcoming Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) interviews.

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Artificial Intelligence and Project Information

This webinar seeks to refine the way that information is utilised in construction projects.

Join Dr Matt Stevens and Mr John Smolders AM to learn how AI may assist contractor's with their information challenges. For example, AI can scan commodity pricing trends and inform when to negotiate depending on trailing data and future projections. Other applications include reading, categorising and disseminating project information.

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Q&A Session and Discussion on APC Related Competencies Part 1 - Intl. Chapter - Region 2

Are you attending an APC Interview in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Sri Lanka and India in March to April 2024? Join Mr. Lokitha Karavita, Mr. Kasi Viswnathan Sundaram and Mr. Dhammika Gamage in this Q&A session and discussion covering APC related competencies.

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Cloud Estimating Practices for Construction - an Overview

Estimating in construction has traditionally been a desktop and often manual discipline prone to errors. Australian construction businesses are now assessing how desktop estimating applications can transition to the cloud.

This webinar will show the benefits that cloud-based estimating can deliver to Quantity Surveying Professionals.

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Q&A Session and Discussion on APC Related Competencies Part 2 - Intl. Chapter - Region 2

Are you attending an APC Interview in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Sri Lanka and India in March to April 2024? Join Mr. Ajantha Premarathna, Mr. Bagavad EEswar and Mr. Akila Jayawardena in this Q&A session and discussion covering APC related competencies.

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Implementing BIM - a QS Perspective

This webinar will examine how BIM is being used to assist with the reinstatement of Christchurch Cathedral after the iconic heritage building was badly damaged in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

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Q&A Session and Discussion on APC Related Competencies Part 3

Are you attending an APC Interview in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sri Lanka and India in March to April 2024? Join Mr. Ramesh Palikila FAIQS, CQS and Mr. Kingsley Devendra MAIQS, CQS in this session as they discuss and answer questions related to the competencies covered at an APC interview. 

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Harnessing Climate Data for Better Builds

The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate how currently available technology allows public and private infrastructure stakeholders to mitigate climate risks by leveraging climate models, digital twins, and computer science.

Allowing climate projections of up to 70 years into the future, this technology is able to give Quantity Surveying Professionals an insight into construction material selection for specific locations in a changing climate.

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Soil Improvement Solutions in Special Foundation Engineering

AIQS, in collaboration with AQST, are proud to present this webinar which examines how advancing urbanisation and industrialisation, especially in the conurbations, means that more and more structures – including industry and infrastructure – must be built in areas with difficult subsoil or on man-made reclaimed land.

Along with reference projects, different solutions and applications of soil improvement techniques will be discussed during this webinar, and special emphasis will be given to information that is relevant to the work of Quantity Surveying Professionals.

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The Role of Wood Products in Zero Carbon Buildings

The impact of carbon emissions is a rapidly evolving facet of the construction industry.

Join Dr Alastair Woodard as he moderates a conversation between Simon Squire FAIQS, CQS (AIQS Vice President and Chair of the AIQS Embodied Carbon Committee) and Stephen Mitchell (Principal Consultant with thinkstep-anz and current Director of EPD Australasia) as they discuss:

  • The major components that contribute to carbon emissions across the construction process
  • The environmental benefits of using carbon-storing wood products
  • The role of the quantity surveying professional in this important space

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Demystifying Building Services

Join Richard Price from Built and Scott Waite from DCWC as they simplify the complexities of building services cost planning, providing the following insights:

  • Before you even start – project, site, and market considerations.
  • Package breakdowns – demystifying the content!
  • Cost planning shortcuts and rules of thumb - from high level to detailed estimates.

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The Quantity Surveyor's Guide to the Circular Economy

Join our panel of industry experts as they define the Circular Economy (CE) and then provide examples of how they are each embedding this concept into their work.

By viewing this webinar, you will gain the inside edge on this emerging and increasingly important method of working.

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