Are You Eligible for a Skills Assessment?

There are four possible pathways open to applicants.  Please review the eligibility requirements for each pathway as shown below.

 Pathway One: Australian Accredited Qualification with minimum one year of Postgraduate Employment

To apply for a skills assessment via Pathway One, applicants must hold an AIQS accredited Bachelor's or Postgraduate Degree from an Australian University as set out in the AIQS Accredited Program Guide, with minimum one year of postgraduate employment.

 Pathway Two: Non-accredited Australian Qualification plus Minimum Two Years of  Postgraduate Employment

Australian applicants must hold a Bachelor’s or Post-Graduate Degree in the quantity surveying profession, obtained in Australia; in a course recognised by the CRICOS.

You must have at least two years of full-time employment in quantity surveying since graduating.

 Pathway Three: Overseas Qualified Applicants plus Minimum Two Years of  Postgraduate Employment

Overseas applicants must hold an approved qualification in the discipline of Quantity Surveying/Construction Management & Economics, or a post-graduate qualification in Quantity Surveying/Construction Management & Economics, regardless of the undergraduate qualification held.

You must have at least two years of full-time employment in Quantity Surveying since graduating.

 Pathway Four: Voting member of AIQS or Recognised Association plus Minimum One Year of Post-membership Employment

To apply for a skills assessment via Pathway four, you must be an AIQS Voting member or a Voting member of a recognised association (refer to section 12 of the Skilled Migration Policy).

You must have at least one year of full-time employment in Quantity Surveying since achieving your Voting membership.

You must have a minimum Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to AQF Level 7 or higher.

Qualifications Only Assessment

 Qualifications Only: Australian Accredited Qualification 

To apply for a Qualifications Only Assessment you must hold an Australian accredited qualification. The Qualifications Only assessment outcome letter may be used for the purposes of awarding points for qualifications under the General Skilled Migration points test.