Equipping yourself with the Certified Quantity Surveyor (CQS) designation highlights to clients that you have experience and knowledge that spans across the three Quantity Surveying core competencies (pre-contract, contract documentation, and post-contract).

CQS is available to professionals who have been an AIQS Corporate (Voting) member (Associate/Member or Fellow) in Good Standing (Corporate membership held prior to January 2017), and new applicants to Corporate membership. CQS applicants must be currently undertaking Quantity Surveying work.

Alternatively, non-AIQS Corporate (Voting) members can apply for CQS designation concurrently with their Member grade application.  

Attain the CQS Designation to Unveil a Myriad of Opportunities

  • The ability to showcase to clients that you have the requisite Quantity Surveying skills, experience, and knowledge to deliver exceptional services
  • The opportunity to collaborate on projects with organisations that now demand the services of a CQS
  • Being able to enhance your marketing collateral as you are rewarded with the official CQS logo and postnominals as well as promote yourself as a Certified Quantity Surveyor
  • Join one or both of the AIQS Strata Defects Inspection Panels for New South Wales
  • Eligibility for inclusion on AIQS committees and registers as they become available.



If you have any questions relating to the CQS designation, please contact us.