Would like to become an APC Assessor?

The role of an APC Assessor is to guide candidates through a range of questions assessing their skills and experience based on the AIQS Core Competencies. If you would like to become an APC Assessor for AIQS, you must complete the below prerequisites:

  • be a current Voting member (Associate/Member/Fellow/Life Fellow grade) and have been for a minimum of three years
  • be CPD compliant according to the AIQS CPD Policy
  • have watched the AIQS Assessor Training video
  • sit in on at least one APC interview to observe the process.

APC Assessors earn CPD points per panel session (max 7.5 points per annum).

If you are interested, please email membership@aiqs.com.au or call 02 8234 4000 if you have any questions.