CPD Requirements

Events & Education Portfolio FAQs

Does the new system qualify for ICEC Certification?

Yes, the AIQS' CPD Program meets international ICEC standards.
Fellows, Associates and Members who choose to certify that they have completed the required points per annum receive a certificate endorsed by the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) and can use the post nominal ICECA after their AIQS post nominal. Once your CPD requirements have been obtained & entered for the year, email education@aiqs.com.au to request your certificate to be made available in your member profile. Members can enter their CPD records by logging onto "My Portal"  and accessing their "CPD Diary" which is located under the subheading "My Content" on the left menu. 

What is a structured activity?

Structured activities include attendance at seminars, conferences, formal qualifications, preparation of papers/handbooks/manuals and many more.  For a full list of structured activities, please refer to Section 6.3 of the AIQS CPD Policy

I am completing a formal qualification (Degree/ Diploma / Masters’ Degree) this year, do I have to complete additional CPD?

No, those members completing formal qualifications (detailed in Section 6.3e of the Guidelines) will satisfy the full CPD requirement for that year.

What happens if I do not comply with the CPD requirements for members?

Non-compliance in the first instance, will result in a public reprimand in accordance with the Institute’s Complaints Handling & Disciplinary procedures. Further penalties exist for subsequent instances of non-compliance.

What is a CPD Point?

A CPD point is equivalent to one hour of training (excluding any meal/refreshment breaks).

Where can I enter/record my CPD activities?

It is the member’s responsibility to keep a record of their CPD activities. Members can enter their CPD records online here. 

Which member grades are required to earn CPD points?

  • Affiliate
  • Graduate
  • Member/Associate
  • Fellow
  • Life Fellow

I only work part-time, am I exempt from CPD requirements?

Members working part-time are not exempt from CPD.

What topics are appropriate for CPD?

Approved CPD topics include all topics that are relevant to the Quantity Surveying profession, technical topics and business/professional topics.

There is no difference between the CPD requirements for Affiliate & Member grade. Can I elevate from Affiliate grade membership to a full Member grade?

Yes, of course. We encourage all Affiliates to elevate to the Member grade once they meet the applicable requirements. Details on elevating your membership can be found here

Are there any requirements for the types of CPD points?

50% of the total required number of points (ie. 7.5 of 15 CPD points) must be completed from structured activities.

How does AIQS monitor CPD compliance?

AIQS conducts a random audit of a minimum of 10% of members who are also required to earn CPD each year.  All members holding CQS designation are audited.  Members selected in the random audit will have 30 days to update their online CPD record for auditing purposes from the time they are notified.

Can I apply for a CPD exemption?

In extenuating circumstances, AIQS may grant a full or partial exemption from CPD requirements. Please refer to Section 13.1 of the CPD Policy