Webinar: Reducing Embodied Carbon: The Quantity Surveyor's Role in Achieving Net Zero

12:00pm Friday, 9 August 2024
1:00pm Friday, 9 August 2024

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The construction industry is a major contributor to global carbon emissions, not only through operational energy consumption but also through embodied carbon. Embodied carbon encompasses the greenhouse gas emissions generated throughout the entire lifecycle of building materials—manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, and disposal. 

In this presentation, we will examine the crucial role that Quantity Surveyors can play in mitigating embodied carbon emissions. By integrating embodied carbon estimation into their professional practices and aligning with the International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS), Quantity Surveyors can enhance the accuracy and consistency of carbon reporting across construction projects. We will explore effective methodologies for calculating embodied carbon and emphasise the adoption of innovative materials to minimise environmental impact.

Key strategies for carbon reduction will be discussed, including material optimisation, sustainable design principles, and advanced technologies. The session will also highlight the importance of comprehensive carbon reporting and transparent communication to drive industry-wide progress towards a Net Zero future. By empowering Quantity Surveyors with the knowledge and tools to address embodied carbon, this presentation aims to support the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development in the built environment.

About the speakers:




Amirul Izzat

Amirul Izzat is a distinguished CostX consultant with RIB Software, with 14 years of experience in Quantity Surveying across the Oil and Gas, AEC, and Technology sectors. He holds a degree in Quantity Surveying and an MBA from Malaysia. Amirul has worked with quantity surveyors from the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, and is now expanding to the Pacific market. He is a Professional Technologist with Malaysia Board Of Technologists (MBOT) and a student member of NZIQS. Amirul’s expertise includes BIM, Digital Transformation, and C++ programming. He is also dedicated to contributing to societal development.

About the webinar:

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