The objective of the AIQS Technology & Innovation Committee (Tech Committee) is to position the Institute as a thought leader in the application of digital technologies for the built environment.

Role of the Tech Committee

The Tech Committee will develop and provide advice relating to how members and other stakeholders can enhance and leverage off technology across the Built environment.

The Tech Committee will (amongst other things);

  • Develop guidance and toolkits to assist members and their firms to understand key elements and challenges within the technological space and how they can leverage off available technology.
  • Develop guidelines and standards to support the application of digital innovation across the lifecycle of the Built environment.
  • Connect with other participants in the technology space to ensure a collaborative approach across the built environment.
  • Survey members to benchmark and track their understanding and use of Technology & Innovation
  • Provide guidance and assistance in increasing the skillset of members in the application of their specialised knowledge by leveraging off technology
  • Educational material to assist members in raising their understanding and utilisation of digital technologies

Committee Members

Andrew Brady FAIQS, CQS (Chair), GRC Quantity Surveyors
Andrew Gebicki, Transport for NSW
Peter Harris, Arcadis
Quoc Pham, Autonomation
Anthony Lieberman, AIQS