The AIQS Upfront Carbon Committee is responsible for generating education, guidelines, and resources for AIQS members and for those who procure their services (i.e., clients) on behalf of AIQS.

Role of the AIQS Upfront Carbon Committee

The AIQS Upfront Carbon Committee will develop and provide technical and professional standards advice on matters relating to the quantification of upfront carbon and any other business of AIQS falling within the scope of the Committee's professional expertise as directed by the Board, including the following matters:

  • Development of relevant information papers, guidance notes, and publications
  • Development of education and events for members and non-members and their clients in collaboration with other industry bodies and authorities (where applicable)
  • Improve member and non-member awareness of relevant upfront carbon issues and identify key topics for inclusion in AIQS media relations
  • Develop an Australian Standard Method of Quantification of Embodied Carbon
  • Identifying and facilitating the provision of upfront carbon information for inclusion in the Built Environment Economist and member newsletter
  • Respond to industry submissions relating to upfront carbon.

The Committee shall work in consultation with other national committees on matters of mutual interest.

The Committee reports directly to the Board.

Committee Members

Chair - Simon Squire FAIQS, CQS - Lendlease (AIQS Director)
Andrew Brady FAIQS, CQS - GRC Quantity Surveyors (AIQS Director)
Jane Northey MAIQS, CQS - John Holland (AIQS Director)
Robin Wheelwright FAIQS, CQS - RW Quantity Surveyors (AIQS Director)
Tom Dean - Slattery
Gary Boyd MAIQS - WT Partnership
Arif Uzay FAIQS, CQS - RLB
Richard Choy - NATSPEC
Taryn Cornell - GBCA
Katie Eyles - NABERS
James Elks - NABERS
Grant Warner - AIQS CEO
Anthony Lieberman - AIQS Engagement Manager