You may be eligible for CQS designation via one of two following options.

Option One

You have been an AIQS corporate member (Fellow, Associate/Member) in good standing and have not had a breach of the AIQS Code of Conduct within the last five years.

Option Two

If you are not an AIQS corporate member, you should apply for CQS designation concurrently with your Member Grade Application. Click here to view the three different pathways for this option. 

Gain CQS Designation 


If you are applying under option one, complete the CQS Application and pay AUD$33 including GST.  

If you are applying under option two, complete the CQS Application along with the Membership grade application and pay AUD$165 including GST.


Email your completed application form and a detailed CV  demonstrating the extent of professional experience (include a description of specific role/s within project/s worked on).


We will assess your application to ensure that it satisfies the AIQS’s membership requirements and notify you accordingly.

The AIQS membership team will contact you once the assessment process has been completed.