The Education Committee is responsible for the execution and implementation of all education policy matters on behalf of members of AIQS on a national basis.

Role of the Education Committee

The Education Committee will develop and provide advice on educational and entry requirement matters and any other business of AIQS falling within the scope of the Committee’s professional expertise as directed by the Board, including the following matters:

  • to clearly articulate educational pathways
  • to broaden the base of the education platform of AIQS
  • to review and refine best practice educational standards
  • to establish, review and implement a national framework for the development and delivery of quality CPD programs
  • to develop and deliver education programs for all membership categories
  • research and develop educational programs to be delivered both nationally and internationally
  • to work closely with MOU partners to achieve desired educational outcomes
  • to ensure AIQS has high-quality education programs
  • to accredit university courses and service strong partnerships with such institutions.

Committee Members

Anthony Mills FAIQS, CQS
Adrian Bridge FAIQS
Jeremy Coggins MAIQS
Peter Smith FAIQS
Rick Best FAIQS (Ret.)
Ajibade Aibinu MAIQS
Peter Wong MAIQS
Kong Kin Yap FAIQS