Webinar: Liquidated Damages - Essential Concepts (Recording Option)

12:00pm Thursday, 26 October 2023
Recorded Webinar

This webinar is an opportunity to hear a presentation on Liquidated Damages from Mr Bernie Musry, Senior Solicitor with Doyles Construction Lawyers.

Liquidated Damages are one of the core elements of fixed-price contracts in the construction industry in Australia, and the fundamental enforcement mechanism for most principals, owners or developers.

Quantity Surveyors are trusted advisors to many parties in the construction space and are often required to consider the application of liquidated damages and contested views in respect of their validity and application. This session will provide a refresher of the fundamental legal and commercial principles which govern liquidated damages.

Do you understand the legal concepts behind this contractual mechanism? What the exceptions are and when they might not apply? Do you understand the risks and how to address them with contract administration?

In this seminar, Mr Bernie Musry will explain the basics and give tips on this important topic in construction law.

About the speaker:


Bernie Musry

Bernie is a Senior Solicitor with Doyles Construction Lawyers, specialising in large commercial litigation and disputes.

Bernie has a background in Financial Law, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution and his experience spans Court and Tribunal Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration in the New South Wales, Queensland and Federal Jurisdictions.

Bernie presently sits on two committees of the NSW Law Society as well as serving as Secretary of the Civil Litigation Sub-committee of NSWYL. He also writes regular case reports for Doyles Construction Lawyers’ Casewatch Publications and has hosted a number of seminars on essential legal concepts for builders.

About the event:

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