Reference letters must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be written by a Quantity Surveyor who has directly supervised your work
  • Must be on company letterhead (if the Supervisor writing your reference has moved to another organisation, they may use the letterhead of the company they now work for and state the name of the company where they worked with you)
  • Must be dated (include the date the letter was signed)
  • Must outline your role and the main duties performed in this role
  • Must include specified commencement and end dates of your role with the organisation
  • Must include contact details of the referrer
  • Must include the qualifications and postnominals of the person signing the reference letter (i.e. BSc QS if has a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying and MRICS if a chartered member of RICS etc.)
  • Must include a colour copy of all referrer’s qualifications
  • Where multiple reference letters are provided, each letter should be uniquely written by your supervisor and must not contain in whole or part, copied sections or paragraphs from other reference letters.

An appropriate supervisor (not a professional or HR Manager) must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A direct supervisor that is practicing and qualified as a Quantity Surveyor who has studied and graduated from a minimum Bachelor’s degree equivalent to AQF level 7 or higher in quantity surveying;
  • A direct supervisor who is a practising Quantity Surveyor recognised as a financial Corporate member of the AIQS or is a member equivalent to a financial Corporate member of a body formally recognised by the Institute.