Original documents are not accepted with your application for skilled migration assessment.  Documents submitted are not returned to the applicant.  Please provide certified copies of your documents.  

When submitting your documents by email, please scan the certified copies and attach them as a PDF file to your email.

A certified copy of a document is a copy of an original document which is certified as a true copy by an authorised person.  Authorised people include:  Justices of the Peace (JP's), legal practitioners and Police Officers.

Documents must be certified as required by the Department of Home Affairs. Please see these standards as well as a full list of professionals who are authorised to certify documents on their website.

In instances where the applicant lives overseas, documents may be certified by a citizen of the applicant's country of residence who is employed in one of the occupational groups listed on the Department of Home Affairs website. Please note that the certification should appear on the front page of the document (not the reverse side of the document).

Certification should appear on each page of the submitted document.

Please ensure that your certified documents are dated no older than 12 months from the date of submission.