Fellow grade is available to Member grade members who are able to demonstrate they can satisfy all of the prerequisites in one of the following pathways:

Pathway 1

·      Minimum of ten years holding Member grade membership, and

·      Currently holding, or have held, a senior professional or academic position for a minimum of three years, and

·      Be able to demonstrate significant commitment to the profession of quantity surveying beyond normal employment requirements, (e.g., have served on an AIQS Board, Committee, or Chapter or Region Council, have shown leadership within the built environment or profession beyond individual company interests, etc.), and

·      Nomination by two Fellow grade members.




Pathway 2 (Fellow via Mutual Recognition)

·      Hold Fellow grade membership with an organisation whom the AIQS has a MRA, and

·      Provide evidence of meeting the requirements stipulated in the relevant MRA,

·      Applicants who hold Fellow grade membership with a recognised professional association (as defined in Section 11) with which the AIQS does not have an MRA are required to complete the Fellow grade Application Form and provide evidence of passing the AIQS Code of Conduct Academy module.




Pathway 3 (Fellow by Invitation)

·      Be in a senior management position within an organisation or at Director or C-suite level, and

·      Be in a position of influence, such that they may be an advocate for AIQS and the quantity surveying profession, and

·      Have at least 20 years of experience in quantity surveying as defined within the AIQS Constitution and By-Laws, and

·      Not be an existing Voting member, and

·      Satisfy other requirements as detailed in Section 1.3 of the 2024 Membership Entry and Elevation Policy.


If you are a current Fellow member of another related professional body, you may be eligible to become a Fellow member of AIQS via our mutual recognition pathway.  Click here to view the options.


Apply for Fellow grade


Review the prerequisites and eligibility requirements for Fellow grade in the 2024 Membership Entry and Elevation Policy


Send your updated CV to membership@aiqs.com.au


The AIQS Membership Team will assist you along the appropriate pathway.