Fellow grade membership is available to Member and Associate grade AIQS members who are able to demonstrate they can satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • Minimum ten years as an Associate or Member grade member
  • Currently holding or have held a senior professional or academic position for a minimum of three years
  • Be able to demonstrate a significant commitment to AIQS and the quantity surveying profession beyond normal employment requirements, (e.g. have served on an AIQS Chapter Council/Committee, having shown leadership within industry or profession beyond individual company interests, etc.).

As a Voting member of the institute applying for Fellow grade, you may automatically qualify for CQS designation (if you do not already hold CQS) based on the following requirements:

  • Be a Voting member (Fellow, Associate, or Member grade) of AIQS in good standing for more than three years
  • Not have had a breach of the AIQS Code of Conduct upheld within the last five years.

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Apply for Fellow Grade


Complete your application form.


Email your application and relevant documents to membership@aiqs.com.au. We will assess your application to ensure that it satisfies the AIQS’s membership requirements and notify you accordingly.

The AIQS membership team will contact you once the assessment process has been completed.