The Membership Committee is responsible for the execution and implementation of all membership policy matters on behalf of AIQS members on a national basis.

Role of the Membership Committee

This Committee will develop and provide advice on membership and entry requirement matters and any other business of AIQS falling within the scope of the Committee’s professional expertise as directed by the Board, including the following matters:

  • Strategic oversight of member engagement strategies
  • Improving member awareness of AIQS activities and priorities
  • Reviewing policies and guidelines to support the membership
  • Supporting broader member recruitment and retention activities by providing strategic guidance to the Membership portfolio
  • Oversight of operational membership processes
  • Identifying and managing risks associated with the Committee.

Committee Members

Jane Northey MAIQS, CQS
Mike O’Shea FAIQS, CQS
Srimal Silva FAIQS, CQS
Cameron Ridley MAIQS, CQS
Doug Fletcher FAIQS, CQS
Stanley Chang MAIQS, CQS
Richard Samuels MAIQS, CQS
Dinusha Mahagodage MAIQS, CQS
Don Leelarathne FAIQS, CQS
Philip Adams MAIQS, CQS