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Honeywill Consulting
Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, QLD
3-40 Maud Street, Maroochydore
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About Us

Our expert team of Professionally Registered Quantity Surveyors are able to assist clients in determining initial budget requirements based off of basic concepts that can be used for financial planning before proceeding into detailed designs and costly tender processes. We understand that preparing cost estimates early in the project lifecycle and continuing throughout the design development stages reduces the risk of cost over runs, costly re-design works and saves time in the overall delivery process.

Our work spans the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast in South-East Queensland.

Honeywill Consulting can provide value engineering in comparing various design options and building efficiencies, ensuring clients are receiving maximum value for money

Our approach in measurement methodology requires scrutiny of design documentation and allows us to identify potential omissions and co-ordination issues in the documentation, mitigating potential contractual claims during the construction phase

The preparation of a rationalised Bill of Quantities (if requested) provides a uniform basis for the evaluation and adjudication of tenders which delivers more accurate/favourable tender returns

In addition to the benefits of a rationalised Bill of Quantities, a fully documented Bill of Quantities provides a contractual cost management document. This results in high accuracy in assessment of progress claims and variation assessments reducing cost related disputes and providing mechanism for accurate forecasted variations and cash flows

In the absence of a fully documented priced Bill of Quantities, Honeywill Consulting’s extensive cost database and effective evaluation of variation assessments ensures variation assessments are fair and reasonable for all parties

Our Professional Registered Quantity Surveyors are meticulous in evaluation interim progress claims, mitigating risk of over payment and identifying front loaded costs

Our cost reporting systems and pro-active approach provides up-to-date live cost reporting ensuring accurate knowledge of the current and forecasted project costs. Giving the client piece of mind at all stages of the project lifecycle

Our Range of Cost Management Services Include (but not limited to):
• Feasibility studies
• Cost planning and budgeting
• Concept estimates based on outline proposals
• Elemental cost estimates based on sketch designs
• Detailed estimates based off detailed designs
• Estimates for provisional sums
• Preparation of schedule of rates
• Preparation of rationalised Bills of Quantities (RBQ)
• Preparation of full Bills of Quantities and tender documentation (BOQ)
• Value engineering during design development
• Risk mitigation
• Evaluation of tenders and preparation of tender reports
• Tender negotiations
• Cost reporting indicating the forecasted and current financial position
• Preparing cash flows, original, actual, and forecasted
• Preparing interim and final payment certificates
• Calculation of liquidated damages in accordance with the provisions within the contract
• Assessment of costs associated with delay claims in accordance with the provisions within the contract
• Assessment of the validity and costs in variation claims in accordance with the provisions within the contract
• Reconciliation of provisional sums and prime cost amounts
• Componentisation reports
• Final accounts and final statements
• Life cycle costing

  • Benchmarking
  • Benchmarking - Elemental and Functional (Areas and Costs)
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Management
  • Cost Planning and Management
  • Elemental and Functional Areas
  • Estimating
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Independent Certification and Review
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Project / Construction Management
  • Value Engineering and Management
  • Value Management
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Office
  • Education
  • Health
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Leisure and Hospitality
  • PPPs
  • Retail
  • Security and Detection
  • Sports and Recreation