Contract Law Series

Join Brian Ambler, Principal at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers for the Contract Law Series:
Session 3: Commonly Difficult Provisions in Contracts 

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Government Stimulus Measures - What's New?
Recording Expiry Date: 29 October 2020

In this webinar, Neil Jones from Tax Banter discussed the particular changes around capital allowances including the increase asset write off threshold, the business investment changes to depreciating assets and the Commercial Leasing Code governing landlords and tenants.

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Construction Cost Planning and the Role of the Quantity Surveyor
Recording Expiry Date: 31 October 2020

The AIQS International Chapter discussed Construction Cost Planning and the role of the Quantity Surveyor

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How to Mitigate Potential PreConstruction Risks Before a Shovel Breaks Ground
Recording Expiry Date: 5 November 2020

The construction industry is undergoing a dramatic shift, using technology to identify and mitigate potential areas of risk earlier in the projects, well before a shovel enters the ground. BIM solutions allow for a more integrated preconstruction approach, allowing teams to arrive at the most optimal cost, schedule, and construction sequence at an early stage.

This session is sponsored by Autodesk.

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The New Procurement Decision Tool: A Case Study of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and a Major Hospital Project
Recording Expiry Date: 20 November 2020

This webinar demonstrated the successful trialling of the new Procurement Decision Tool (“the Tool”) on a major road, namely, the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) and on a major hospital in Australia.

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NSW Building Commissioner: Changing Roles in a Post Design & Building Practitioners Act Environment
Recording Expiry Date: 27 November 2020

AIQS organised for David Chandler OAM, the NSW Building Commissioner to present a webinar on Changing Roles in a Post Design & Building Practitioners Act Environment.

During his presentation, David will delivered his insights into the importance of quantity surveyors in the development of trustworthy buildings.  David also talked about the Design and Building Practitioner’s Bill and the Residential Apartments (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Bill.

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Improving Public Private Partnerships
Recording Expiry Date: 1 December 2020

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) enjoy a good reputation in Australia for delivering projects on time and within budget. But there have been some high-profile failures, and they remain controversial.

Owen Hayford, DLA Pipers' recent report identifies many steps that governments and industry can take to improve the outcomes of PPP projects. The future of the PPP model, according to Owen looks bright. 

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Benefits of 5D BIM in Construction Cost and Data Management
Recording Expiry Date: 9 September 2020

In this era of Industry 4.0, BIM is used for effective project analysis and management throughout the life cycle of construction projects. Join Justin Bong from Glodon in this webinar to understand how to transition effectively to a 5D BIM QS and improve productivity in your organisation.

This session was sponsored by Glodon

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Inequitable Risk Allocation in Construction Contracts
Live Webinar: 24 September 2020

The amendment of conditions in standard forms of construction contract by principals to skew commercial risk towards contractors has become commonplace in the construction industry.  Join Jeremy Coggins from UniSA for this insightful session on Inequitable Risk.

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Digital Transformation & the QS Profession: Our Role in Supporting Industry Recovery
Live Webinar: 29 October 2020

2020 has been an unquestionably difficult year for quantity surveyors and construction in general. 

Projects were paused indefinitely and future investments shrouded in uncertainty, as it quickly became clear that construction activity would not simply revert to the status quo. In late 2020, however, a silver lining exists regarding the future of our profession.

Join Johnathan from RIB as he explains how Quantity Surveyors can navigate the recovery of the construction industry.

This session is sponsored by RIB

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