The Quantity Surveying Profession

A Quantity Surveyor estimates and monitors the costs of construction and maintenance of building and infrastructure such as sports stadiums, tunnels, bridges, universities, residential buildings hospitals and roads. They are usually involved from the feasibility stage through to completion of a construction project. Quantity Surveyors can also undertake tax depreciation, insurance estimation, mediation and arbitration.

Quantity Surveyors work predominantly in an office in the private sector with consulting firms or construction companies, or in the public sector with the State/ Territory Government Departments/Authorities. Once project construction begins, Quantity Surveyors are regularly on site to monitor variations in construction and their impacts on costs.

There are many job titles/roles that exist within the Quantity Surveying profession: 

  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Project Manager 
  • Construction Estimator 
  • Cost Manger 
  • Certified Quantity Surveyor 
  • Construction Manager 
  • Cost Planner 
  • Cost Engineer
  • Contract Administrator 
  • Commercial Manger 
  • Construction Economist 

Why is a QS so important?

Behind every construction project, large or small, is a person whose responsibility it is to determine what it will cost. The Quantity Surveyor, is a professional figure in the Property and Construction Industry.

Demand for qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyors has been high in recent years, despite the economic downturn. The profession is also at the forefront of some of the current issues facing the Property and Construction Industry, including Sustainability and the desire for Green Buildings. Quantity Surveying qualifications are recognised worldwide and there are ample opportunities for overseas travel.