Changes to Pathway 2 - Member Grade

The revised Pathway 2 requirements are as follows:

  • Non-Accredited or non-Recognised Academic Qualifications (minimum Bachelor’s degree), and
  • Completion of indicated “Top-Up Topics” as outlined in Section 8, Member Grade Pathway 2 Requirements, and
  • Nomination by a Member or Fellow grade member of good standing, and
  • Minimum two years’ experience under approved supervision or three years’ experience under non-approved supervision (that can be verified by some other acceptable means), and
  • Successful completion of an APC Interview.

Applicants are required to complete a certain number of Top-Up Topics on the AIQS Academy according to the Band that their degree falls within; their degree must be minimum a bachelor’s degree (equivalent to AQF level 7 or higher).

Click here to view these Bands and for more information relating to Pathway 2.