Introducing your AIQS Board for 2021-22

We are honoured to announce the AIQS Board of Directors, chaired by Stephen Warne FAIQS, CQS, who will steer the direction of AIQS over the next 12 months and beyond.

  • President - Stephen Warne FAIQS, CQS
  • Senior Vice President - Andrew Brady FAIQS, CQS
  • Junior Vice President - Simon Squire FAIQS, CQS
  • Treasurer/Immediate Past President - Mark Chappé FAIQS, CQS
  • Debbie Marsh MAIQS
  • Leong Choong Peng FAIQS, CQS
  • Chitra Weddikkara FAIQS, CQS 
  • Robin Wheelwright FAIQS, CQS
  • Jane Northey MAIQS, CQS
  • Andrew Baulch MAIQS, CQS
  • Fiona Doherty FAIQS, CQS
  • Mark Freestone FAIQS, CQS
  • Mike O’Shea FAIQS, CQS
  • Stuart Gillies AAIQS, CQS.

Read more about each Director here.

Sincerest thanks to Mark Chappé FAIQS, CQS for his guidance as Board President over the past two years. A special thank you also to Anthony Mills FAIQS, CQS whose term ended and to Dhammika Gamage FAIQS, CQS who stepped off the board at the recent AGM. 

Upcoming Events

10 Feb
Alliance Builders - Highgate residential project, WA
10 Feb
Alliance Builders - Highgate residential project, WA