Introducing your AIQS Board for 2021-22

We are honoured to announce the AIQS Board of Directors, chaired by Stephen Warne FAIQS, CQS, who will steer the direction of AIQS over the next 12 months and beyond.

  • President - Stephen Warne FAIQS, CQS
  • Senior Vice President - Andrew Brady FAIQS, CQS
  • Junior Vice President - Simon Squire FAIQS, CQS
  • Treasurer/Immediate Past President - Mark Chappé FAIQS, CQS
  • Debbie Marsh MAIQS
  • Leong Choong Peng FAIQS, CQS
  • Chitra Weddikkara FAIQS, CQS 
  • Robin Wheelwright FAIQS, CQS
  • Jane Northey MAIQS, CQS
  • Andrew Baulch MAIQS, CQS
  • Fiona Doherty FAIQS, CQS
  • Mark Freestone FAIQS, CQS
  • Mike O’Shea FAIQS, CQS
  • Stuart Gillies AAIQS, CQS.

Read more about each Director here.

Sincerest thanks to Mark Chappé FAIQS, CQS for his guidance as Board President over the past two years. A special thank you also to Anthony Mills FAIQS, CQS whose term ended and to Dhammika Gamage FAIQS, CQS who stepped off the board at the recent AGM.